Let's talk about crafts, shall we?

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A Couple new Wrappers....

I have affiliated with a wrapper company that I love, but I need to keep the name a secret for a little longer! hehe You'll see why soon. Anyway, I, of course can personalize these wrappers in ANY way! They are of such great quality & so much fun to work with! I have, unfortunately, run into licensing issues and cannot hire consultants, but I am looking at it as a nudge from God saying it would be too much for me to handle right now, so I thank Him that He watches over me so well! Ooooh, it's so nice & cool outside this evening...I love it! More later....

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Red Hat Fun!

Just for the record, I'm not old enough to be a Red Hatter yet! But, my Mom & her four sisters are & they love it! In fact one of my Mom's sisters is the Queen Mother! I used my Mom's name on this one...see it on the hat? I just had to create a candy bar wrapper for them, didn't I? Thought you'd like to see it! I am getting ready to add some more wrappers to my site so check it out soon!! More later....

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I got an award!!

I'm so excited to recieve this award from Andrea from The Paper Purse !( ) You will love all her special creations and she designs her own graphics as well! A great talent! Thank you, Andrea & I love your blog, too!

One more before bed....

I had to add this snowman wrapper! It says: Merry Christmas From One Flakey Bunch to Another! I thought it would be a cute little greeting/gift for close friends or know, the ones that can laugh at being "flakey".... LOL This looks much prettier printed up on the glossy paper I use. And again, I am in love with my new laser printer.... LOL More later...

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Rainy Tuesday...

Boy, did I have a hard time functioning today! It was a gray, gloomy day & all I wanted to do is nap!! And my cat, Marbie was all for it! But...I did manage to get a little work done & I made this baby wrapper...again using clipart by Queenie of Tonight I am working on some birthday wrappers! I stepped outside for some fresh air this evening and it felt heavenly! Nice & cool & breezy! I loved it...I'm ready for Fall. More later.....

"Toadally" Cute!

I love this candy bar wrapper! Its' from Of course it can be personalized in so many ways...I love doing my pc-crafting! Many of my friends are into stamping & scrapbooking, which intrigues me a little...and I did dabble in it, but I keep going back to my clipart & graphics! I love working in Photoshop2 & seeing what all I can come up with....Plus I got a new color LASER printer & it's the best thing ever!! I love it & how beautifully it prints out my projects! I am hoping to buy another one before too long! That would mean I am really busy with my candyrwrapper biz! ;o) Thanks for stopping by...check back soon & I will add some more fun designs!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Busy, Busy, Busy!!

Wow! It's hard work getting everything set up for my new direct sales biz! I got my tax ID number & now I am getting all the licences...I am excited, tho, and feel it will all be worth it in the long run! I do LOVE designing all the wrappers, tho! Lots of fun! Here's one I just completed & thought it turned out cute! I have found a new site & graphic artist I love...her name is Queenie & the site is Check it out! My other favs are, & It feels like the temp is dropping here...I love fall & glad that it's fast approaching! More later.....

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Country Charm Graphics is Awesome!!

I just have to give credit where credit is due!! Krista over at was so wonderful to me tonight! My computer crashed with a deadly virus over this past weekend & I lost ALL my clipart purchases from over the last few years, but when I dropped her an email she volunteered to go back thru her records & is letting me re-download all the stuff I had gotten from her previously! Wow!! I am so happy! Thanks so much Krista! I love all my printables & things I get from her, especially my "souper" wrappers for soup cans! They sold well for me last year & I'm hoping they will this year, too! Anyway...that's all tonight...I'm a happy camper...and a happy wrapper!! LOL More later....

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

A New Turn!!

OMGosh...I'm so excited to say that I am taking a turn with Bella-Bun & Company! I have found through lots of trial & error that I love designing candy & candybar wrappers, so....I am taking this love out into the world and offering a direct sales/party plan program featuring wrappers of all kinds! Totally customized, of course! Check out my website for the details & say a little prayer! God has blessed me so much & I know He will continue! Check back for constant updates! More to come....

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

I'm waaay Behind!!

OMGosh...I have been so bad at not keeping up with my blog! Had lots of personal things going on, but am doing much better now! As for crafting...I have been making some stamped, tumbled tile coasters & love it! Easy & fun, plus a GREAT little gift! I'm posting some here for you to see! I have been really getting into the paper bag albums, as well! I promise to start updating more & will share more photos soon! Hope everyone is gearing up for summer! NOT my favorite season, but I know most people love it! Ewww...too many bugs!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

A cute lil' project to share!!

Oooh, I have let 2 weeks come & go without posting! Ooops! T o make up for it I am going to post a little tutorial for the pretzel wreath pictured here! I'm not sure if the photos will come out in order or not, but they are clickable & self-expalanatory for the most part.

These are very cute & really pretty easy! Here's what you'll need:

Some wax paper, small pretzels (16 for this size), Elmer's glue, a can of polyutherane(from WalMart-small can lasts a long time!) or shelac (much more expensive) and any embellishments you want like ribbon, buttons, flowers, name it! E600 glue or a hot glue gun, also.

Now, lay your wax paper down & arrange 8 pretzels salty side down in a circle...with the sides touching each other. Once you have them arranged, you take the Elmer's glue & just run a line of glue where each pretzel is touching. Let dry for a few minutes & then you will start your second layer. This time the pretzel will be facing salty side up----put a little glue on the flat side down around the bottom of the pretzel and place it overlapping the ones below it...see the close-up photos for this. Then just keep doing this until all the pretzels are on. Now, go back & add the glue to the side sams like you did on the first layer. Now allow the wreath to dry for at least 2 hours or more. Next, take a peice of thread & put it through one of the pretzel rings & dip the wreath into you polyutherane. I poured mine into an old tupperware bowl & it worked really well. Make sure it is completely staurated & hang on a rod of some sort to dry. A wooden spoon over a couple of tall cans will do...just make sure you have something underneath for it to drip on. Let dry at least an hour or more, then dip it again. Let it dry again & then you are ready to add your embellishments! If you choose to use jelly beans, candy corn or any other "real" candies to decorate, glue them on before you dip into the polyutherane to seal them, as well. This keeps them bug-proof! You can just feed your ribbon through or just make a bow & attach with glue. For embellishments you will want to use a hot glue gun or E6000 glue. They are stronger for the embellishments. Use your imagination! You can make teacher wreaths, baby wreaths, holiday wreaths & much, much more!

You can also use just 12 pretzels (6 each layer) to make smaller ones for the Christmas tree or even magnets. On the same token you can use more pretzels to make larger wreaths! You decide! I hope you enjoy this craft! Send me photos of your finished product & I'll post it here on my blog! Hope your New Year is off to a good start! More later....