Let's talk about crafts, shall we?

Friday, December 14, 2007

It's almost here!!

I can't believe we are just 10 days from Christmas! It's really my favorite time of the year! I got some last minute orders in & they have been keeping me busy, but I have still been able to sit back & enjoy some Christmas movies (My husband & son call them "girlie movies") and drink hot chocolate, watch the fire in the fireplace, (yep, we have had a few so far!) & just look at the Christmas tree all lit up! I love listening to Christmas music in the car & stuff, too! Our Christmas play is this Sunday at Church & I am singing Mary Did you Know in between scenes. Our Church also had a float in our town's Christmas parade this year & that was fun! Well, gotta print up lots more candy bar wrappers...more later! Oh, and I'm posting a pic of our Christmas tree!