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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Where does the time go??

Wow! It's been a while since I posted! Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas & that so far, your New Year is going great! I had a BUSY holiday season with my candy bar wrappers, which was nice financially, but extremely hard stress-wise & with my illness, so I am happy it's behind me for now. I have been relaxing & have been taking it very easy on crafting, altho I know the bug will hit me again a little closer to Easter! LOL It always comes back, doesn't it?? I have been visiting lots of crafting blogs & love it! Such creativity floating out there in cyber-space!
My next new project that I would like to try is beaded utensils! Have you seen 'em?? They are really it for some nice images! I just like trying a little bit of everything! LOL
I have a new guy in my life & am very excited! His name is Jim & we laugh a lot and have lots in common, so it's a nice time for me right now! It's hard being in the dating game at age 46 after 27 yrs of marriage, trust me! BUT....Jim is making it fun & easy for me right now & I really appreciate that! LOL I'll keep ya posted....
That's it for now...I will try to add some past Valentine's Day crafts to help inspire you because I doubt that I will do a show or anything like that this year for Valentine's Day....maybe Easter....ALTHO-- My daughter is getting married May 9th in FL and my son will be getting married June 27th here in KY, so I may not get to do much crafting at all this first half of the year! Keep me in your prayers!!


LORI said...

Hey Terri!! So nice to see you blogging!! BTW, your blog looks Fabulous!! I really like it!!