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Monday, February 9, 2009

Bubble Gum Sundae

Looking over some past crafting photos again today & found this simple & fun project I did! I got the glass sundae cup at $Tree, used a 4" styrofoam ball that I glued into the opening of the cup---once dry, I started attaching the pieces of gum from the bottom going up by using straight pins with beaded heads. You could also hot glue them on. I then added some curly ribbon to the the top & inserted a straw. The whole thing took less than 30 minutes! It's a cute birthday gift for a child or a great gift for a coworker! You could do these with just about any candy that is individually wrapped...bit-o-honey, tootsie rolls, mints, etc.


Deb M. said...

Love your sundae!! Super-cute idea!!