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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Be-Jeweled Glasses!

I am fascinated with all kinds of crafting! I love the beaded utensils & things like that, so when I ran across this article I thought I'd share! What a simple, yet striking way to spice up the ordinary! From

Don't you dare use boring blank flutes for clinking the bubbly. Put a little effort into, alrighty? It'll be worth the trouble!

Champagne flutes
4 mm Austrian flat-backed crystals (acrylic ones will work too, but they look kinda cheap)
e6000 glue

DIREX: Wash and dry the glasses. Squeeze a glob of glue on a paper towel or foam plate. Pick up a crystal and use your other hand to dip the chopstick in the glue and dab it on the back of the crystal. Place it on the flute. Keep an eye on it so it won't slide down. It's easier to lay the flute down and complete one side at a time. Let dry and go to other side. TIP: Don't put crystals too close to the top, otherwise it will be bumpy on your lips! Hand wash.
* By Kathy Cano Murillo, copyright 2005. Photos property and courtesy of Arizona Republic and For more artsy goodness, check out *


BlueRose said...

OMG, what a great idea I'm telling you, you come up with the best ideas.

Luv's Kat