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Friday, June 19, 2009

Dashing in.....

I feel terrible for not posting much lately but if you only knew how much I have been juggling at once....LOL Yes, I'd like some cheese with that whine....hehe My son is getting married one week from tomorrow!! I made some cute candy bar wrappers & wrapped 150 bars for them yesterday to put in their favor boxes! My daughter & her new husband will be coming up from FL for the wedding so I have been trying to hustle to get all unpacked & get my new place looking like "home", all while finishing up a part time temporary job I was doing for a local company! I want to post pics soon of my daughter's wedding & my son's, so bare with me...they're coming...I am having to use my Mom's computer until my service is hooked up Monday! I have had no tv, no phone & no internet for 2 weeks or more!! That should qualify me for saint-hood or something, right??!! LOL More soon.... TERRI


Paula said...

Congrats Terri to your family on the upcoming wedding.
I know what it is like doing weddings at one time. I had a daughter and a niece with in a month.
I have some awards for you on my blog so Come by and pick them up later when you are rested.They will be waiting for you.