Let's talk about crafts, shall we?

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Another late night...

I have a sleeping disorder that is still to be diagnosed, but it sometimes includes insomnia & this is one of those nights! Soooo...I decided to add some photos to my blog & add a new post!

Today I did some work on making up some new Christmas notecards....I'll post them tomorrow, as I am having problems with my new camera---or it's having problems with me! hehe I also made a "Souper Teacher" can using a soup can & some cute graphics I got here: Some crafters actually leave the can as is, but I empty mine & then fill it with a cello bag full of candy & tie the top with red & white ribbon...looks really cute & makes a perfect pencil holder for later! :o) But that's about all I did. Not feeling too well.

Tomorrow( or today, really) is supposed to be rainy, so I will TRY to stay awake, altho it makes me so lathargic! I would like to make up more "souper" cans...I have them for Mom, Grandparents, Students & Bus Driver, as well! I'm also looking forward to my Stampin' Up club that I go to each month!

Better try to sign off here & get to bed....More later!