Let's talk about crafts, shall we?

Monday, October 15, 2007

New site, New beginnings

Hi everyone! I managed, FINALLY, to get my new crafting site up & going! , of course! I love all the drawings, my friend, Lori did for me!! Too cute! My favorite one is pictured here!! I'm already thinking of more product ideas, but will have to see what my health & time will allow!

I'm so happy the cooler weather is finally here!! I hate summer...I know, most people love it...but to me it just brings sweat, bugs, snakes & HEAT!

I love the cooler weather we get here in Ky with Spring & Fall & I actually love winter, too because I seem to feel better then. I think it's because all the germs & stuff are not floating around in the freezing air! :0)

Am working on a craft show I have to do this Sat, the's an indoor one, which I much prefer & I'm thinking the last one I will do for a while. Not feeling too well lately & stay lathargic a LOT! ugh Anyway...more later...time to hit the hay!