Let's talk about crafts, shall we?

Friday, November 9, 2007

Dry Embossing on Cards

OK--I am loving my new dry embossing tools from Stampin' Up! What a great, easy, little extra touch that really makes the cards pop! Go here for a tutorial: And if you find yourself needing the tools, you can go to my Stampin'Up website OR just email me thru .

We had another really great day here, weather-wise & I made a point of sitting outside in the sunshine & fresh, cool air! I even took Marbie (my cat) out with me... she has rarely been outdoors, but she loved it. She ate a little grass, sniffed the air & then wanted back in the house!

I'm working on some more of my "souper" cans to sell at an upcoming show & I've also been on some forums to promote my website & blog. Nothing really demanding, but enough to keep me from getting too bored & restless! I'm off now to make some 4" tiles for the show, as well...More later!