Let's talk about crafts, shall we?

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I HATE moving!!

OK, I despise moving! We are finally in, but I cannot tell you how exhausted & frustrated we are!! Plus, we still have to go back to the old place & clean it up! Ugh! It has been difficult because of the weather & also finding people to help. Jim has had a surgery on his neck that hinders him from lifting anything over 10 pounds & I have this crazy nerve damage that keeps me from standing or moving around very long at all! We feel much older than our 44 & 46!! LOL We really like the new place, tho. I will be glad to be unpacked & "settled"....just in time to head to FL to attend my daughter's wedding! Hope all of you are busy crafting & loving it! I still haven't got to use my new Cricut Expression or Cuttlebug! Just too much going on...but I know all this craziness will pass.....right?? PLEASE tell me it will!! LOL More later.....


LORI said...

Hey Girl!! So happy you are almost done!!! I been missin' ya!!!

Last Co-Op is tomorrow, then Hannah's Drama Friday and we will be able to knock 2 things off our list of to dos!!! i am wore out as well!!


LORI said...

Oh ...I just noticed you dye your hair red!! It works for ya!! but I do admit you look alittle stressed!! I dunno though, maybe it's just the angle of the lens!!!

BlueRose said...

I hate to move I know just how you feel. All in all it will be nice when your all done.

I just took one of our bedrooms of the house and made it into a craft room and I'm just now starting to do some crafts with all of my toys. Your get ther my friend.

Huge Hugs :)'

Bekki B said...

Hey Terri! I heard that one of the most stressful things you can do is move!!! I just haven't experienced it in 10 years! Glad your happy in the new place! Just remember that this too shall pass!