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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

"Whisking" by with an Easter craft idea!

Was looking at some pictures of craft things I made last year & found this cute little whisk! I got it at the $ Tree (they had all pastel colors for spring) and just put some kisses (little chocolate eggs would have been cuter...what was I thinking??)in a baggie & slid it inside. Then made a cute little Easter tag reading "We "whisk" you a Happy Easter. These sold well at the craft show I made them for! For Christmas You would make the tag to say "We "whisk" you a Merry Kissmas"!!(ok, that's where the kisses come in better!) Anyway, just wanted to post it in case anyone out there needed any last minute ideas for the upcoming holiday! :o) More later....


Deb M. said...

Adorable idea, Terri!! Love it!! :-)


Kristine B. said...

LOL...heehee, what a GREAT saying!!! and I just LOVE LOVE LOVE this idea! I never wouldda come up with that on my own. Now I wanna go see if MY dollar tree has these :) That's so CUTE!!!

LORI said...

Perfect idea!!! Nice, quick and easy...You are right a great last minute idea!!